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About BztAuto
Since 1974, Our company is one of the leading operations in Turkey with its experiences and its determination in the field of automotive spare parts.

Our company, is awake to "innovation" word that we proudly added to our title, raise the bar day by day with its stable position and with its unconditional costumer satisfaction without compromising quality. We are proud to be a choice of the World’s leading vendors with success of our team talented and experienced. Our products is being tested by using the latest technology and test equipments by our trained technicians.

Recently, competition rapidly increasing. But BZT AUTOMOTIVE, aware of need to get the best quality at an affordable price of customers, address to its customers’ needs without compromising the quality.

Consequently, while pegging the competitive prices, our R&D Department is constantly working on for improving production. Accordingly, we have created our warranty conditions a completely customer oriented.

Our goal is to make production and sales in accordance with quality standarts and business ethics.

We are proud to be appreciated by our customers of our after-sales service with the principle of customer satisfaction and conversation of its continuity.